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Wednesday November 22nd 2017


Rate of braking for different brake set up conditions

The 3 different conditions of which the rate of braking is determined under are:

a)        Front brakes only

b)        Rear brakes only

c)         All brakes


For the following load case :

Front axle weight = 9205N

Rear axle weight. = 7575N


The rate of braking (Zn) is calculated using the following equations for front (Zf) and rear (Zr) axle braking:



T= Braking force

P = Weight of vehicle


The Braking force (T) is calculated using the following equations for front and rear disc brakes:



p = Line pressure

pt = threshold pressure

A = Total piston area on one side of the disc

µ = Pad friction

Ref = Disc effective radius

SLR = Tire static laden radius


To find the Total Rate of Braking (Zt) the rate of braking for front and rear brakes are added together:


The following figure shows the rate of braking against the master cylinder pressure:


As expected, the rate of braking is greater when all brakes are utilized. This is because more braking force is applied when all brakes are in use. The figure also shows that the Front brakes give a better rate of braking than the rear ones. This suggests that the brake distribution should be greater at the front axle.

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