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Wednesday November 22nd 2017


BMW 1 series M

The long awaited M version of the BMW 1 series is finally here! It will start being delivered in May 2011 in the UK. The car fits a three-litre twin turbo six-cylinder petrol unit which produces 340hp, this is 70hp more than the first M model of all, the M1 supercar of the 1970s.

This new M model has a limited top speed of 250km/h and an acceleration 0-100km/h of 4.9 seconds. It has an average fuel consumption of 9.6 litters per a 100km and emits 224g of CO2 per km.
The car has been widened and lowered compared to the standard 1 series, the suspension and brakes have been upgraded. It uses lightweight materials as well.

The 1 series M comes with 19inch wheels, a manual 6-speed gearbox, two zone climate control, cruise control, leather upholstery with alcantara trim and a six-speaker audio system. The selling price is going to be around 49000€. Other extras will be available such as navigation system, professional sound system, adaptive headlights…

Check this stunning video:

Some images of the BMW 1 series M:

Technical specifications:

3 Comments for “BMW 1 series M”

  • David says:

    Why it’s not called M1 instead of M Series? Or does the M1 already exist?

  • Admin says:

    Yes, the BMW M1 was a sports car that was produced by BMW from 1978 to 1981.
    That’s why BMW doesn’t call this 1 series M the M1

  • Morris Clifton says:

    I disagree so why cant there be another M1 .It would give this vehicle identity it deserves .M vehicles are all direratives of BMW models anyways….

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