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Tuesday November 21st 2017


… we decided to, plant ourselves!

This is the new advertising campaign from Smart in Spain. Check it out!!!

They sent out the following items to me

It consists of a leaflet  and a catalogue of the Smart car range. Basically, the title of the leaflet says: “…we decided to, plant ourselves!”  and it explains that if you crumple the leaflet and plant it in a flowerpot it will become a plant. I will definitively try out!

The leaflet

The leaflet also explains that all the smart cars are one of the most ecological cars in the world. All the range of engines don’t need to pay the Spanish taxes for new number plates due to its low emissions.

1. Take this leaflet
2. Crumple it

3. Put it into a flowerpot

4. And it will become a flower

Rear side of the leaflet. Seeds can be seen.

Both the leaflet and the catalogue are made of recycled paper. The leaflet is “plantable” because it has some seeds in it.

Some pictures of the Catalogue follow these lines:

The Catalogue

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