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Wednesday November 22nd 2017



IFR Aspid

Aspid is a creation of IFR Automotive. IFR company was born in Reus (Tarragona, Catalunya, Spain) in 2003 by Ignacio Fernandez Rodriquez, with the objective to take a leading role in the automotive market in terms of the innovation of new technologies. The main IFR’s aim is to develop ultra-lightweight technologies in order to produce sustainable transportation systems. The company needed an automotive platform to implement their ideas and technologies. So, they decided to build their own car, the Aspid.

The most outstanding technology that IFR has built in the Aspid is:

  • Alexcom: Is a new and highly innovative construction method for the main body structure of a vehicle offering up to ten times the stiffness of a conventional aluminium space frame.
  • TBD: The Twin Brake Disc. This lightweight stainless steel brake system comprises twin discs, each with turbine shaped slots for maximum air cooling and braking efficiency.
  • DLR: Lightweight suspension arm extruded from aluminium tube with an elliptical cross-sectional profile incorporating two reinforcement cords running throughout the extrusion.
  • UNIDRIVE: One screen is mounted in the steering wheel and the other is located in the centre console. In keeping with the latest digital technology trends, both displays are interactive touch screens. The primary screen provides information normally displayed by the main instrument panel, such as the speed of the vehicle, as well as providing the means, for example, to activate the headlights and turn signals. The secondary screen has endless telematics, on-board diagnostics and multimedia capabilities and not only integrates all the common communications systems currently available, but also provides the means to embrace any new developments including for example traffic management and collision avoidance systems. Any innovative sensor-based system introduced to the market or new application essentially becomes a plug-and-play item.

But, what about the car?

Aspid is a 2 sitter compact sportive coupe. The Aspid accelerates extremely fast: 0-100km/h takes a mere 2.8 seconds. 0-160km/h takes only 5.9 seconds and return to a standstill from 160 just 3.1 seconds.   And with 1.6g of lateral acceleration its cornering grip is arguably even more remarkable.   Much of this performance results from the installation of a supercharged 2-litre engine delivering 400bhp into a vehicle with a kerb weight of just 740kg, resulting in a very high power-to-weight ratio.  The light weight also ensures excellent fuel economy, with an estimated consumption in normal driving conditions of just 4.8 l/100km.  CO2 emissions have yet to be officially measured but are estimated at 197gm/km, which is significantly less than cars of comparable or even lesser performance.

Aspid meets FIA safety requirements as standard, without any additional modifications, as well as European road car homologation requirements.

The basic price of the 400hp Aspid Supersport model, excluding taxes, is 107,000€. The price of the 270hp naturally aspirated Aspid sport model is 77,000€.

Information has been extracted from the official IFR Aspid page, a chat with Bruno (one of the designers) and newpress.

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