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Tuesday November 21st 2017


Driving Efficiently

Driving Efficiently

On the whole, automotive brands achieve lower consumptions and CO2 emissions in their cars by:

  • Reducing the weight.
  • Minimizing the air and road drag.
  • Designing more efficient engines.
  • Not using all time components that are not needed sometimes, such as power steering on a straight.

It has to be said that the style of driving makes the biggest effect on the consumption of the car. So, if you want to improve your mileage, take those points into account:

  • Start the engine without using the accelerator pedal. Then wait a few seconds before moving off.
  • Use fist gear only to start moving. Shift to second in two seconds or within six meters.
  • Overtaking and gear shifting:
    • Depends on the revs: Between 1500 and 2000 r/min is the optimum point
    • Depending on speed:
      • To third after 30km/h
      • To fourth after 40km/h
      • To fifth after more than 50km/h
      • Driving Speed: Maintain speed as regularly as possible. Avoid unnecessary braking, acceleration and gear shifting.
      • Deceleration: Take the foot off the acceleration pedal, leave the car running in the current gear. Brake gently and change down in gears as late as possible, being mindful when descending steep gradients.
      • Stopping: When speed and space allow it, stop the car without shifting down gears.
      • Stopped: When stopped for more than sixty seconds, turn the engine off.

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